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Charity V Photography is a boutique style photography studio based out of Kansas City specializing if professional wedding and portrait digital photography. Charity V Photography is available for travel worldwide; Europe, Asia, Australia, Hawaii, Mexico, and South America.

* All Photography featured on this website is protected under copyright laws and is the sole propety of Charity V Photography. Reproduction of my Photography is illegal without my prior concent.

* For best view of Photography on this website minimum screen resolution should be 1024 x 768.

*Client Photos may be used by Charity V Photography for advertising purposes and you may be asked to sign a release form prior to your photo shoot. However I am sensative to your wishes, if there is a photo you are unconfortable sharing due to nudity or other reasons just let me know. I will acomadate your wishes in these matters.

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Please enjoy the Charity V Photography website.All feedback is welcome.